Occupant survey 利用者調査


Collece and analyze feedback from occupants of work spaces 仕事をする空間の利用者からフィードバックを集め、分析する


Due to the growing diversity and flexibility of design and operation of work spaces, collecting feedback from occupants is increasigly essential in maitaining occupational wellness. To address this need, ideaship employs surveys, an established tool for understanding and evaluating worker's perception of indoor environmental conditions, wellness policies and their health and wellpbeing. We make the feedback process effective and efficient by designing the survey in light of the context of each client, delivering it online for the client's use anywhere in the world in any language, and report the results in a clear and ready-for-use manner.

We support occupant surveys in compliance with C03 (Occupant survey) prescribed in WELL Building Standard v2. We keep the survey process simple and its cost reasonable for the clients' ease of periodic collection of occupants' feedback.  We also support C04 (Enhanced occupant survey) upon request. 



WELL v2が求めるC03(居住者調査)の要件を満たすアンケート調査に対応しています。定期的な実施をしやすくするために、調査プロセスを簡素にするとともに、価格を抑えています。リクエストに応じ、C04(詳細な居住者調査)にも対応しています。